The Strome Family Foundation was created in 1995 by
Mark and Tammy Strome.

Our intention was to create a foundation that could start simply and grow with our family and our interests. Our initial interest has been with the local needs and the causes that touch us most directly. We have broadened our scope to include larger programs, some of which are global. In most cases we respond best to the personal connection – someone reaching out to us or a program in which we can be involved as more than just donors. We do not have a formal staff or process and we are not rushing to put these in place as we want this to be a “family” foundation that is one aspect of our community relationship and not another institutional entity in its own right.

We are attracted to unconventional, risky and maybe even unpopular programs that may not have a social cachet. We want to see programs that can make a real difference. This might be to validate a program that can then be expanded. It might be a program’s first capital drive to establish a permanent facility. It might be medical research that is on the brink of acceptance. We are skeptical that our family can make any real difference to a large, well-established and well-resourced program, no matter how worthy. We are venture donors looking for high returns, which is how we came to be blessed with this good fortune in the first place.

If you have a program that you would like to share with us, please send an email or printed mail to the addresses below. We will always acknowledge receipt of your proposal and let you know whether we can participate or not. If we decline a proposal please understand that it may be no reflection on the worthiness of your program and that these are personal decisions for us. Please respect our decisions and perhaps contact us again in a couple of years – we plan on evolving and changing.

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